Drug and Alcohol Testing


  • National Academies Report Endorses Lower BAC, Higher Alcohol Taxes

    The recommendation is based on a systematic review of all available studies that was conducted by scientists and subject matter experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    "The plateauing fatality rates indicate that what has been done to decrease deaths from alcohol-impaired driving has been working but is no longer sufficient to reverse this growing public health problem," Committee Chair Steven Teutsch said. "Our report offers a comprehensive blueprint to reinvigorate commitment and calls for systematic implementation of policies, programs, and systems changes to renew progress and save lives." More News

  • Michigan Announces Tool to Aid in Opioids Fight

    The new Michigan Automated Prescription System (MAPS) is now equipped with Appriss Health's NarxCare, a data analysis solution to improve patient care and also fight the opioid epidemic in the state. More News

  • Pennsylvania Governor Declares Heroin, Opioid Emergency

    "While we have made progress in combating the heroin and opioid abuse crisis and drastically expanded Pennsylvania's response, we are still losing far too many Pennsylvanians," Wolf said. "I am taking this step to protect Pennsylvanians from this looming public health crisis, and I am using every tool at my disposal to get those suffering from substance use disorders into treatment, save more lives, and improve response coordination." More News

  • Oklahoma Voting on Medical Marijuana June 26

    If approved by voters, the measure would permit doctors to recommend a patient who is at least 18 years old for a state-issued medical marijuana license. More News

  • DOJ Aims to Enforce Marijuana Laws

    The impairment argument is incredibly complex. Many employers use the term in workplace drug and alcohol policies but this may not be the most prudent choice as marijuana impairment cannot necessarily be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    This reverses an Obama administration policy easing federal enforcement in the many states that have legalized either medical or recreational marijuana, but how this new policy will be carried out in the states was not immediately made clear. More News

  • A Year of Disasters, Delays, and Debate

    It's easy to identify the biggest safety stories of 2017—they involve the year's repeated disasters. More News



  • Marijuana Safety Road Trip

    NFPA Journal's Jesse Roman takes a trip to Colorado in 2016 to report on the the burgeoning commercial marijuana industry and how public agencies are battling to ensure that marijuana grow and extraction facilities are safe for employees, firefighters, and the public.

  • Boating Safety PSA

    This boating safety public service announcement detailing various important topics to keep everyone safe on the water was created by U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliarist David Glaser.

  • Bath Salts: It's not a fad... It's a Nightmare

    Bath salts are a non-regulated designer drug comprised of a synthetic cathinone, or amphetamine, that can have dangerous and debilitating effects on those who use them. The adverse health effects from bath salt use can range from agitation to lack of appetite, kidney failure, muscle spasms, severe paranoid delusions, and psychosis. Several cases of long-term patient hospitalization and suicide have been reported. For more information from Navy Medicine on Synthetic Drugs and your health, visit http://go.usa.gov/gwhW.